Remodeling Services in Bowling Green, KY

If you love your home, but it’s not quite everything you need it to be, remodeling is always a great option. Remodeling allows you to upgrade and change your most-used rooms, to re-shape them in your own style. It’s a great way to bring your dream home to life, without building from the ground up.

Lamb General Contracting is ready to assist you with your remodeling project, big or small. Let us revamp your entire bathroom from floor to ceiling, or just update your kitchen with more modern materials. We specialize in:

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    General upgrades

    There are opportunities for upgrades all throughout your home. Have brass bathroom fixtures from the 1980s? How about baseboards that have been painted over and over again? We take these minor items throughout your home and improve them, raising the overall standard of your house. Count on us for all types of general upgrades.

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    General home improvement

    If your home improvement list just keeps growing and growing, give it to us! We’re equipped to tackle most home improvement projects and provide results that are of the highest caliber. From drywall repair, to replacing your flooring, to deck refinishing, re-roofing and more, we welcome your improvement project.

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    Kitchen remodeling

    The kitchen is the central room of your home and a place where you spend time every day. A kitchen remodel in Bowling Green, KY is a great way to raise the value and appeal of your home, while accommodating your lifestyle in a variety of ways. Let us upgrade flooring, countertops, cabinets and the overall design of the room to make it the perfect nucleus for your home.

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    Bathroom remodeling

    Get the fixtures, lighting, flooring, countertops and bath amenities you need for complete comfort in your home. Through an extensive bathroom remodel in Bowling Green, KY, we’ll make sure you enjoy every second in your bathroom, and that it’s a place that’s accommodating to all your needs.

If your home is almost perfect and just needs a few finishing touches, contact Lamb General Contracting. From general upgrades and improvements, to comprehensive remodeling for any room of your home, we’re ready to lend a hand.

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